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Reach for the Stars

The 2023-24 Reach for the Stars fundraising campaign will run from September 6th through November 30th. 

This is our most important fundraiser of the year! Your Terrace Park PTO distributes funds to each classroom teacher, and each semester purchases various items for the school as requested by our faculty and staff.

Every dollar, of every contribution received from the Reach for the Stars campaign is invested in our TPE classrooms. On behalf of the students and faculty of Terrace Park Elementary, we appreciate your support of the Reach for the Stars campaign.

We have two goals for this campaign. One is to raise at least $25,000 for the PTO; the other is to have 100% of TPE families contribute to the campaign. During this campaign, each classroom will have a Reach for the Stars tracker on its door. For each student whose family contributes to the campaign, a star will be placed on the tracker. Each class that reaches a certain number of stars will be entitled to rewards like an extra recess. You can also follow the progress of the campaign on a banner that will be posted near the drop-off circle on Myrtle Avenue.


Here are some donation levels to consider:

$1 – 100% participation is one of our goals and you are contributing towards your child’s class getting an extra recess.

$100 – Very nice, even better if multiplied by your number of children at TPE.

$500 – You are so sweet you will receive a dozen of Kate Hudson’s famous chocolate chip cookies. If you know, you know.

Anything in between those amounts, we are grateful for any contribution made.

Anything beyond those amounts, we would not want to constrain your generosity.


Here is how you can make your donation:

  • Venmo @TPPTO with the description “RFTS”

  • Mail a check to TPE PTO at 723 Elm Ave, Terrace Park, OH 45174

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